How to qualify for an individualized education plan

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This blog recently discussed what may be included in an individualized education plan but it is also important for parents to understand how their child can qualify for an individualized education plan (IEP). It is important for parents of children in need of an IEP to know how their children can qualify to receive the help they need.

Qualifying for an individualized education plan

Children may be eligible for special education services if they shows delays in one of five areas include:

  • Thinking and learning
  • Understanding and using language
  • Self-help skills which may include toileting, eating or dressing
  • Behavior which can include getting along with others or expressing feelings
  • Physical ability which could refer to vision, hearing or movement abilities

In genera,l to qualify for special education services and an IEP, children must have a disability that impacts their ability to learn. Once the child is determined to be eligible for an IEP, a referral, which needs to be made by the parents in writing, for special education services will be made. An evaluation of the child will then be made and needs to be made within 60 days. An IEP meeting will be held with the parents and a variety of other parties following the evaluation and then the IEP will be set up.

In some situations, parents may feel that they receive resistance when they try to get their child the help they need and get an IEP set up. Education law resources can help parents through the IEP processes as they seek the special education services their child needs.