NYC Education Department supports foster care students

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Every child has the right to meet their educational needs. Unfortunately, some children do not have that experience. In some cases, a child may have a learning, cognitive or emotional disability. Some educational institutions may not properly serve these children, which could evolve into a serious matter for both the child and the individuals that care for them.

New division in the New York City Education Department

While foster care can be a good solution for many children, some children who grow up in the foster care system deal with significant emotional challenges on top of legal and logistical issues that can impact their education. Statistics show foster children have a harder time in school than other groups.

As a means to address growing concern for these children, the Education Department has prepared to hire eight central office employees. Their role will be to set up a policy for students in foster care across the district. The goal is to provide support for these students, as they are likely to be dealing with emotional and legal issues related to them being in foster care.

Educational outcomes

The Education Department hopes these new employees will be able to help a group of students who have one of the worst educational outcomes out of any student group.

Based on current statistics, roughly 90% of the children in foster care are Black or Hispanic, groups that have faced steep educational challenges for years. On top of these systemic challenges, foster children face unique issues. Separation from one’s home, parents and community is considered trauma. This trauma can significantly impact a child’s education. The newprogram seeks to address these challenges and help these students become more successful in school.

Issues concerning education can be confusing and complex. One may not fully understand their rights when it comes to education, especially when it comes to advocating for a child. Education law matters may feel overwhelming; however, it is important that one understands their rights and consider the options available to them.