What services are associated with an IEP?

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There are a variety of different services that may be available to students with an individualized education plan (IEP). It is important for parents to be familiar with the different types of services that may be available to their child once they have an individualized education plan.

Technology, counseling and more

Services that are commonly available to children and families with IEPs include:

  • Assistive technology services: These services can assist students with their school materials and aid in communication.
  • Counseling: Counseling services may be available to help students with their emotional, social and coping skills.
  • Hearing education skills: These services can help deaf and hard of hearing students improve their communication skills.
  • Occupational therapy: These services help students develop eye and hand control and other life skills.
  • Orientation and mobility services: These services can help students with visual impairments improve their mobility and move more safely in their environments.
  • Physical therapy: Physical therapy services can help students improve gross motor control, ambulation, balance and coordination.
  • Speech/language therapy: Speech and language therapy can help develop listening and speaking skills including auditory processing, phonological skills, comprehension, articulation and social language skills.

Additional services that may be available can include school nurse services, sign language interpreters and vision education services. It is important for students who need an IEP to have access to one and the related services associated with one. Education law resources can help parents who are seeking an IEP and wish to secure one for their child to enjoy the supports their child needs.