CSE / CPSE Meetings

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Depending upon the age of the child, a Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) or a Committee on Special Education (CSE) will be formed to help the disabled child with a wide variety of issues, including his or her Individualized Education Program (IEP).

I am Long Island special education attorney Joseph M. Fein, and I have extensive experience with issues related to CPSEs, CSEs and IEPs. I am committed to helping families take full advantage of the special education services available to help their disabled children succeed by offering comprehensive counseling and representation services.

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Special Education Committee Members

As the parent of a disabled child, you are automatically included on your child’s special education committee (CPSE/CSE). Other members of these committees include the child’s general education and special education teachers, school psychologists, a school district representative and others. This committee works together on a variety of matters, including the child’s IEP.

CPSE/CSE Committee Decisions Are Not Always Final

The decisions made by these committees are not necessarily final. If you disagree with any of the determinations made by the CPSE/CSE, you do have rights. You can seek additional meetings with the committee to attempt to resolve disputes.

However, representation by a skilled education and disability law attorney can be of great benefit to you and your child. I have extensive experience in these matters, and can help you effectively convey your child’s situation and get the special education services your child is entitled to receive.

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