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Has an educational evaluation suggested that your child would benefit from having an Individualized Education Program? Are you currently working on your special needs child’s Individualized Education Program and not sure that everything reasonable is being done? Have you experienced “pushback” from the school district when requesting to send your child to a special school?

My name is Joseph M. Fein, and I am a Long Island Individualized Education Program attorney. I provide effective advocacy for children with learning, physical and developmental disabilities in matters involving educational plans for public schools, private schools, residential programs and therapeutic programs.

To get started on obtaining your child an Individualized Education Program, contact the Law Offices of Joseph M. Fein. Call my Cedarhurst office and New York City office at 516-881-9558 .

Long Island IEP Attorney

A special needs child requires a specialized education to account for and accommodate his or her individual needs. To account for these needs in a reasonable manner, special education practitioners develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and individual service plans. These plans differ subtly in that an individual service plan is focused on the services that would benefit the special needs child, whereas the Individualized Education Program focuses on educational placement and the implementation of such services and programs.

It is tempting to allow the school district in which you live to handle everything when creating these IEPs. The truth is that it is important to have the guidance of a special education attorney who recognizes that parents have the right to send their children to schools that are more specifically designed to meet their unique needs. They do not have to simply accept the placement offered by New York’s education systems.

A Personal Connection And An Excellent Track Record

I am the parent of a special needs child and have been working in the industry for several years, which has allowed me to develop a relationship with several school districts. I understand the way in which the system works and will use this knowledge to negotiate tuition reimbursement with finesse.

I offer many kinds of support to the families of special needs children with all types of disabilities. In one case, a medically fragile 13-year-old child required placement at a school with tuition of $250,000 whose program was tailored to his medical condition. In several other cases, children with autism required placement in a special school with tuition of $90,000–$100,000.

I am also an experienced and successful litigator should education litigation become necessary. I have won over $1 million of tuition reimbursement over the past couple of years on behalf of special needs children and their families.

New York Special Education Lawyer Joseph M. Fein

I serve the entire New York area, including Long Island. For an effective, experienced IEP lawyer, choose the Law Offices of Joseph M. Fein. To schedule an initial consultation, call my Cedarhurst office and New York City office at 516-881-9558 , or contact me online. I can provide consulting services throughout the academic year, and I am available for evening and weekend appointments when necessary.