What to look for in an individual evaluation for special education

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Being a kid is hard even under the most advantageous circumstances. When a New York child struggles or falls behind in school, their family and loved ones may look for opportunities to support them as they find their way. In some cases, support and intervention from their school can make a big difference in the child’s ability to learn, interact, and grow.

Children in New York public schools may undergo individual evaluations to determine if they are eligible for special education services. These evaluations should be comprehensive but, in some cases, may lack important diagnostic and informational assessments. This post will discuss some of what should be included in an individual evaluation for special education services, but all families with concerns about educational needs should contact their trusted education law attorneys.

What to look for in individual evaluations

Families of children undergoing individual evaluations are entitled to review the results of all tests and assessments undertaken during the process. Those assessments may relate to the following areas of evaluation:

  • Physical and psychological evaluations
  • Social history intakes
  • Evaluations of the child in their normal educational situation
  • Vocational tests for older students
  • Other evaluations that may be needed to determine a child’s qualification for special education services

Cursory or incomplete evaluations may not yield sufficient information to qualify a child for special education services. When this happens, families can find support from education law attorneys.

What an education law attorney can do

Education law attorneys practice and understand the laws and regulations that dictate what schools must do for their students. When schools fail to uphold their duties to provide necessary educational services to their student population, education law attorneys can advocate and fight for what students need to grow and learn. Families stuck in the special education system without guidance and support do not have to face their challenges alone. Special education lawyers are available for individual case consultations.