Thank You

Joseph Fein is the lawyer you need for your child. He cares about families, carefully explains the process, advocates for your child and delivers results

Knowledgeable, Strategic And Respected

I have been working with Mr. Fein for the past two years and it has been an extremely positive experience. Mr. Fein knows exactly how to navigate the complex Department of Education process. For the past two years Mr. Fein has been successful in helping me obtain the services my child needs. He is knowledgeable, strategic and respected as an expert in this specialty practice area. At the same time, he is a caring and compassionate individual that takes a personal interest in the success of the families he represents. It has been a pleasure working with him and I am appreciative of his guidance and support.

Thank You

We wanted to say, THANK YOU to you, for today. When the time came today, you stood straight up and unequivocally allowed the district no quarter! You were articulate, clear, effective, forceful, and non confrontational; all of the greatest ingredients, that together make a GREAT attorney and GREAT lawyering!

I doubt that without you, we would have been as successful. You definitely made the difference. Congratulations on some very fine lawyering. And, Thank you.

Sincere Appreciation

We wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation to you for working with our family. We feel all the resources and accommodations that have been given to him thru special education are going to help him academically and we thank you for helping him get those. At parent teacher conferences all of his general study teachers praised him on how well mannered, polite, funny and well behaved he is in their classes. Our #1 priority is our son and having you by his side.

Thank You

I just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for your efforts concerning my son, and the situation he is in. Things carried out just as you described and as expected. We were in good hands every step of the way and you certainly did not disappoint!

Outstanding Attorney

Joseph Fein has helped me obtain services from the Department of Education for three of my children, over the past few years. Each child has had a different issue with disparate needs, and yet Joseph has been equally successful with each one. In one polite email he is able to accomplish more than I can in months of correspondence. In person, people respect him and listen to him. He is a compassionate person who genuinely cares about the interests of the children he represents and empathizes with the parents whom he helps. I always find him to be organized, extremely reliable, sensitive, logical and effective. I have recommended him to friends who are equally as impressed. Overall, Joseph Fein has been a godsend, and I recommend him with the highest confidence.

Outstanding Attorney

We are very fortunate to have found you. I cannot even imagine Liz and I having to go into those meetings without you.
At the beginning we had absolutely no knowledge of what was legally available to support our children. Even today we have 1/1000th of the knowledge you possess.
Our lack of knowledge aside, I can’t imagine being able to both contain my emotions, and objectively discuss what a group of strangers think about my child and what they are “prepared” to offer them. With you there we can just focus on not biting our lips off.
I tell everyone I meet who is in a similar situation as we were, teachers and facilitators about what you have done for us. No one should have to go into those meetings (aka ambush) alone.
Sorry for the tangent, I guess I could have just said “thank you.”

Excellent Special Education Lawyer

Joseph Fein is an outstanding professional who practices law not only with expertise in the special education arena but also with compassion for his client. After using three other lawyers, my networking led me to Mr. Fein. He quickly understood the issues involved with my child, our school district and the specialized school we were lobbying to have our daughter attend. He assessed the situation, knew how to efficiently deal with the school district and achieved a favorable outcome for us. It was a pleasure dealing with Mr. Fein. He is trustworthy, responsible extremely knowledgeable and answered my phone calls and emails in a prompt manner. I would highly recommend him to any prospective client without reservation…

Great Education Lawyer

I was very happy to find a lawyer who specialized in education law and whose whole practice was specialized in this area. Now that I have been a client for multiple years, I am thrilled not just with the concept of specialization but with Mr. Fein himself as well. He gets back to me, gives me advice and guidance, and gets what I need year after year for my daughter, who is a borderline case for needing services.


Most lawyers have either great litigating skills, or great client service skills. Few navigate both sides of the lawyer/client relationship with equal ease and professionalism. Joseph Fein is the rare and welcome exception. He took genuine, compassionate interest in my child’s special education case. He has helped me to avoid litigation with my local school board while at the same time maximizing the services my daughter received. The board of education lawyers clearly respected him and seemed eager to avoid tangling with him at a hearing. When we did have to go hearing, he was always really well prepared, prepared me and the other witnesses exceptionally well, had a strong game plan going in, and was able to adjust spontaneously as events changed. I could not recommend him any more highly.

Thank you for having a heart on my daughter’s case and being such an amazingly exceptional lawyer. I am lucky to have had the privilege in having you represent my daughter.