Advocating for you and your special needs child

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Having a child with special needs often means that parents require additional services to aid their child. No matter the form of disability, resources are available to children with special needs. When it comes to education, specific services are designed to make the child successful at an educational institution. In order to ensure that parents are taking full advantage of these services available to their children, it is imperative that their legal rights are understood.

Special education programs

Depending on the age of your child, certain special education programs may be available to your child. At the Law offices of Joseph M. Fein, our firm understands that these are often the first time parents are hearing about these programs, making it difficult to fully understand them and navigate the process.

Whether your child is preschool aged or further along in school, our law firm will take the time to ensure you understand these programs and the possible issues that you may encounter. Furthermore, we can help you better understand if you are being provided all the services your child qualifies for.

Advocating for your child

While parents are their child’s biggest advocate, special needs programs can be complex and challenging to work through. As such, legal advocacy is available. If you believe that your child’s needs are not being properly addressed or all necessary services are being provided, it is possible to take legal action. This not only gives you a peace of mind but it ensures the rights and interests of your child are protected.

It can be difficult to navigate the educational system and the opportunities available no matter the age of your disabled child. As such, our law firm is focused on educating and guiding parents while they remain completely involved in their child’s special education. Furthermore, we help parents understand that they have a voice and can take action if they disagree with any determinations made for their child’s education or services provided to them.