Do mental health disorders qualify for a 504 plan?

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When you have a child with a mental health disorder, like depression, anxiety or another invisible or hidden disability, you may wonder, does my child qualify for 504 services at their school?

You know your child is more than their diagnosis, but it is also understandable that sometimes, these health problems interfere with your child’s ability to conduct day-to-day life, including learning and schooling in New York.

Does any mental health disorder qualify my child for 504 services?

Any mental health disorder that impair your child’s ability to perform any major life function, like seeing, eating or learning, can qualify your child for 504 services under federal law.

There is no specific list of disorders or diagnoses that qualifies an individual for 504 services, so much as the requirement of a life impairment.

How do I ask for my child to be considered for 504 accommodations?

If you believe your child needs specialized care for their schooling, you can ask the school principal, special education or 504 coordinator, in writing, to set up a meeting to assess your child for 504 eligibility.

There are many state and federal laws to protect our children who might require different levels of support to access a free, quality and fair education.

What if I face a denial of services or have problems with an existing plan?

If you are denied 504 services or face problems with a school failing to follow your child’s established 504 accommodations, you can fight back.

You are your child’s advocate know these accommodations solely exist to give them a ladder to climb to reach the same level other students start out at it. You protect your child. Protect your child’s rights.

You may also benefit from consulting with an attorney with specialized education knowledge.