Seven signs your child’s IEP is inadequate

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Your child’s Individual Education Plan is critical to their safety and success in school. A well developed, implemented, and maintained IEP can help your child thrive in their educational environment.

Yet, all too often schools and their personnel fail to properly adhere to the law when it comes to developing and implementing these IEPs. When this happens, your child’s well-being can be significantly jeopardized.

Signs that your child’s IEP isn’t adhering to the law

If your child’s IEP doesn’t abide by the law, then you might be able to take legal action to find accountability and recover what you need to care for your child. Here are some of the biggest signs that your child’s IEP is inadequate and likely out of line with the law:

  1. Your child isn’t placed in the least restrictive placement possible, which could not only stymie their education but could also negatively impact their social development and psychological well-being.
  2. You haven’t received regular progress reports.
  3. Progress reports that you’ve received don’t adequately assess your child’s progress.
  4. The IEP hasn’t been modified to meet your child’s needs.
  5. Your child isn’t receiving necessary accommodations.
  6. Your child isn’t receiving services to meet their special needs.
  7. The additional supports that your child might need, like additional staff or certain technology, hasn’t been made available to them.

Take action to protect your child and their rights

Education law is more complicated than many people think. As a result, many parents see their kids treated unfairly without taking appropriate action to protect them. Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, learn more about this area of the law and how it applies to your set of circumstances. Hopefully then you can confidently proceed with your legal claim while keeping your sights on protecting your child’s best interests.