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For close to 20 plus years, I have watched one of the smallest babies ever born in Nassau County blossom into a kind, gentle and loveable little boy. He has conquered more in his short life than most people achieve in a lifetime. He is my son Brett. As Brett’s father, I have learned what it takes to attain appropriate educational services for a special needs child, for any child for that matter, through the Board of Education. This was the inspiration behind my law practice, specializing in Educational Law.

I started my legal career as an Assistant District Attorney working in the Office of the Queens County District Attorney. I then spent the next three-and-one-half years as the Chief Litigator for the New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation, where I engaged in both arbitrations and mediations on behalf of a major city governmental agency.

The trial experience and the negotiating skills I gained throughout my career have prepared me to be a successful and effective legal advocate on behalf of your child. Equally as important, for the past 20 plus years, I have been directing other parents of children with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and special needs, navigate the school system. The experience of advocating on behalf of my own special needs child, and the experience of assisting other similarly situated parents, convinced me that there is a real need for a legal partner to help parents help their children.

My law practice is based in Cedarhurst, with a concentration in the representation of children and adolescents with learning and physical disabilities in educational matters and related litigation. Since your child’s educational needs may be different than those of other children, the necessity for legal representation is imperative. There is no fixed set of standards that are appropriate for all children, and your child’s education must be tailored to his or her specific needs, whether your child needs a reading specialist, a speech therapist, or a full one-to-one Applied Behavior Analysis program.

My exposure to numerous school districts across New York and the services they provide to their students allows me to be creative while advocating on behalf of your child. While the process is somewhat adversarial, my goal is to avoid confrontation with the school districts by demonstrating through proper expert evaluations what is appropriate for your child. My philosophy is that the earlier we start, the better the chance that your child will succeed at reaching his or her fullest potential. I look forward to bringing the best education possible to all children in our community.

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