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Are you concerned that the education evaluation the school system has conducted for your special needs child is not adequate? Did your expectations regarding reasonable accommodations for your child’s special education services or placement go unmet?
The Law Offices of Joseph M. Fein, located in Cedarhurst and New York City, provides effective advocacy for children regarding the efficacy of their education plans.

My name is Joseph M. Fein, and I am a Long Island independent education evaluation lawyer. Contact me online, or call my Cedarhurst office and my New York City office at 516-881-9558 , to ask how I can help.

Does Your Child Need An Independent Education Evaluation?

When a parent gets an educational evaluation from a school district, it will most likely be only a few pages long and contain several numbers, but no explanation. In most cases, the school district has not used sufficiently sophisticated tests nor employed personnel who understand how to interpret the results of the tests. In some cases, the tests used may not reflect your child’s actual disability and your child might need additional testing to get to the root of his or her issues and discover his or her needs.

As a parent, you have the right to request an independent evaluation. An independent testing facility can perform a comprehensive evaluation that provides specific information regarding your child’s unique educational deficiencies. These tests are in the best interest of your child, because the special education practitioners developing your child’s Individualized Education Program will have the most accurate information.

The Joseph M. Fein Advantage

Due to the expense, the school district will most likely be reluctant to agree to that. Parents who are properly represented by an educational attorney advocate can get these independent education evaluations (IEE) funded by the school districts and will have a better understanding of their special needs child’s educational needs.

When I am unable to use my understanding of the system and relationship with the school district to negotiate for the school district’s funding of an independent evaluation, I will pursue your rights at trial. I offer a range of advocacy options and services to help you ensure that your child receives the education he or she deserves.

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