Why Do I Need An Educational Attorney Advocate?

An educational attorney advocate works with families on behalf of the family’s special needs child, helping them navigate the special education system.

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My name is Joseph M. Fein, and I am an educational attorney advocate. I make sure that your special needs or disabled child receives all educational services described in the individual education plan (IEP) and that the plan is current. I also see to it that diagnostic testing has been accomplished in a timely manner and that those individuals identified to assess progress of each goal and objective are qualified and using the appropriate tools. If such testing has not been completed, I will seek a school district-funded independent education evaluation. I am highly familiar with federal, state and local plans regarding education codes that refer to children with special needs.

Support You Can Rely On When You Need It Most

Because this is a highly specialized area, it is unlikely that parents are familiar with the rights of children with IEPs, or how they can fully participate in developing a child’s IEP. They may not know how they should approach faculty and administrators to get the results they desire, to whom they should direct questions when there is a problem, or what individualized services exist for children with special needs. Parents can become overwhelmed by education lingo and angry when they feel that problems or questions have been neglected.

Despite all this, you may still ask yourself “Why do I need an educational attorney advocate?” Consider that an impartial party can often better express the concerns of parents, because they are more familiar with special education language and have the knowledge of what services are “appropriate.” As a special education and disability lawyer, I am exactly that — an educational attorney advocate. I have many years of experience serving the children of the New York area, including Long Island.

An Effective Communicator Makes A Difference

Educational attorney advocates assist parents of special needs children in the identification of a learning disability or mental health disorder. I will help you understand the rights of your child, locate available accommodations, and determine appropriate ways for you to advocate and interact in a positive manner with faculty and administrators in the future.

I am a skilled advocate and consultant who also works as liaison between often unhappy, sometimes angry parents and the public school system, the Department of Juvenile Justice and other institutions that affect the family. I help families understand the implications of a child’s disability, learning differences or mental health issues in reference to the juvenile justice system, and opportunities that may be available to them, such as tuition reimbursement.

I want parents to feel confident about speaking up and asking questions in a variety of venues and preparing children to self-advocate in a respectful, positive manner.

Your Initial Consultation With A New York Learning Disabilities Attorney

I am an experienced education attorney advocate who has represented disabled and special needs children who attend public schools, private schools, residential programs and therapeutic programs in New York City, Long Island and the entire New York area. I am dedicated to effectively advocating for their rights.

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