Emotionally Disturbed Children

Cedarhurst Residential Placement For Emotionally Disturbed Children

The Law Offices of Joseph M. Fein provides dedicated legal advocacy to emotionally disturbed children and their families. Many children with emotional disabilities cannot be properly educated in a general public school setting and cannot learn in the typical 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. school day format. In fact, many need to have their educational needs addressed 24/7.

Residential placement provides emotionally disturbed children within an environment that is specifically tailored to their unique educational needs. To find out more, contact my special education law office today at 516-881-9558 (in New York City and in Cedarhurst). I am committed to serving children with special needs and their families in Long Island and the entire New York area.

Emotionally Disturbed Children

A child with an emotional disturbance may struggle to learn in a traditional public school environment where one-on-one attention can be lacking. The situation often worsens as the child gets older and has more power to resist assistance.

A child with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), oppositional defiance disorder (ODD), depression or other conditions can be diagnosed as emotionally disturbed. If your child has an emotional disability, my firm can help you fully explore all available educational options. I can also represent you and your child in all disciplinary settings and prevent unjust punishments from occurring.

Residential Placement

Residential placement facilities are designed to address the specific needs of kids with emotional disturbances. Typically, residential placement involves:

  • A high teacher-to-student ratio
  • Psychotherapy
  • Individual and group counseling
  • 24/7 care and supervision
  • Education tailored to the individual student’s abilities

Residential placement facilities aim to foster the physical, emotional and educational well-being of children and create a safe environment. When a child is in a setting where everyone is having difficulties, he or she is more likely to work toward self-improvement. Suddenly, a child is surrounded by peers facing similar issues — and not the only one having problems in school.

The School’s Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the Board of Education and the Department of Education to properly educate all students, including those with emotional disabilities. If a student’s educational needs can be properly addressed in residential placement, the school must provide that option.

The Law Offices of Joseph M. Fein is fully committed to helping your child receive the best education possible. If residential placement is a viable option for your child, I will help you pursue this life-changing educational opportunity.

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