Drug Dependent Children

Cedarhurst Residential Placement For Drug Dependent Children

Every child in the United States is entitled to a quality public education. Children with drug addictions are no exception. However, not all drug dependent children receive an education designed to meet their specific needs. There is hope. Many families find residential placement to be a viable educational alternative that fully addresses the unique concerns of drug dependent children.

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Drug Dependent Children

Children with drug dependencies are typically classified as having an emotional disability. This is largely because a drug problem is usually symptomatic of a larger emotional problem — something has happened in the child’s life to make him or her turn to drugs.

As the founding attorney at the Law Offices of Joseph M. Fein, I understand that drug dependent children need and deserve a quality education. My firm has extensive experience advocating for the educational rights of students with disabilities, and seeking fair and appropriate educational opportunities on their behalf. If your child is drug dependent and having difficulties in school, I can help. This includes providing representation during disciplinary actions taken against the child.

Residential Placement — A Good Option For Your Child?

Residential placement facilities are designed to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of students with emotional disabilities. Many drug dependent children enjoy great success when surrounded by peers who are facing similar issues.

Unfortunately, many school districts are not cooperative when the topic of residential placement arises. These facilities can be costly, and in today’s economy, many school districts simply cannot afford such measures. Sadly, funds are taken away from special education programs in times of economic difficulty.

I am a zealous advocate for children coping with drug or alcohol addictions. If residential placement seems like it will help your child’s quality of life improve, I will help you fully explore this option. I work with outside health and education experts in order to get a comprehensive understanding of your child’s needs.

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