Data shows disabled students are not receiving necessary services

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Parents of children with disabilities understand just how important special education services are to their children’s futures. Schools are required to provide certain services to qualifying students, but according to recent data, New York City schools are falling short.

One-fourth of special education students are missing out on services

According to recent data, from the start of this school year through mid-January, almost one-fourth of disabled students in New York City have not received the mandatory services they are entitled to. Specifically, 24% of children with special needs — approximately 48,000 students — have not received the full special education services they are entitled to. Approximately 4% of special needs students — approximately 8,000 youths — were not in the appropriate class setting at all, such as classes with more than one teacher or classes with small-group instruction.

Remote learning may not be a conducive way to provide services

Many students in New York City began the school year with remote learning, and some are still learning remotely. However, this changes how special needs children receive services. While they may be technically receiving services, in practice these services may be substantially changed from years past. For example, some students are entitled to classroom staffed by two teachers. However, if a student is only in-person part time, they may have two teachers in their in-person classroom, and one teacher when they are learning remotely. So, while this technically meets the necessary service, in practice the service is incomplete.

Take the steps necessary if your child is not receiving the services they deserve

It is important as a parent to advocate for your child if your child is not receiving the services they deserve. Sometimes, however, a parent cannot achieve this alone. Sometimes legal assistance is necessary. Our firm’s webpage on education litigation may have information parents in New York will find useful.