Preparing for a school disciplinary hearing

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Many children have difficulties at school from time to time, but if their behavior leads to a school disciplinary hearing, parents may want information about how to prepare.

School discipline

A student may be required to attend a school disciplinary hearing if they are accused of violating school rules or policies. It is an opportunity for the student to present their case and explain their actions.

There are several behaviors that may lead to a school disciplinary hearing. Commonly, bullying and harassment of other students or staff, abuse or possession of drugs, alcohol or other controlled substances and possession of weapons will lead to a disciplinary hearing.

Students may also face discipline for physical altercations and disruptive behavior or for lesser offenses like dress code violations or for unexcused absences.

If a child has a learning, physical or developmental disability, they may be accused of acting in a way that warrants discipline, but instead would benefit from an individualized plan and school support instead.

Hearing process

Generally, the student is first informed of the hearing with a written notice including the alleged violation and given an opportunity to gather evidence, bring witnesses and prepare for a lawyer or advocate to attend.

These individuals can provide explanations about why the student would benefit from additional services.

After the hearing, the panel will decide whether disciplinary action is appropriate. The student may also have an opportunity to appeal the decision within the school district or court if they disagree with the outcome.